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Lowcountry Punch: Just The Ticket For Armchair Travelers Hankering For The Sultry South

Reflections on Fundamental Matters: Challenging Society to T H I N K

Marilyn Monroe: On The Couch Reveals The Intimate Inner Life Of An American Icon

Layla: How One Woman’s Horrific Story Became The Driving Force To Save The Lost And Abused Living On America’s Streets

Seas To Mulberries Is Deceptively Simple Magic With A Lingering Impact

Getting Old Before Your Time: Immediate Sacrifices You Must Make Today to Live Longer

How-to Burglar Proof Homes and Businesses: Valuable Advice from a Security Expert

Exposing the Fitness Club Industry’s Dirty Laundry

When This Elite Group Is Fighting Terror – There Are No Rules Of The Game…

Monkeys Saving Humans Is A Real Possibility This Holiday Season

My Cat Won't Bark: Insightful Advice To Change How We Look For The Right Partner

Riveting And Masterful: Havana Lost Explores The Human Spirit In Troubling Times

When This Hero Is Out For Revenge Not Even A Scolding From Washington Can Hold Him Back

New Book Predicts ‘The Death Of Billions By 2025’

Woman On Top: Learning to Crawl Again and Finding Out You Have the Strength to Run

Bold And Fierce: A Mindset Of Overcoming Barriers To Fulfill Your Dreams

Renewable Energy - Following The Money - It Will Be Interesting To See Where It Takes Us…

Probability Chain Leaves You Breathless And Eager For More

Courtroom Drama Spotlights The Right To Stand Your Ground - A Cry For Justice

Home Invasions Hit Record Levels In Rural and Suburban Areas: Expert Offers “Common Sense” Tips to Keep Intruders Out

What Would It Be Like If The Devil Wrote A Bible? Now, We Can Find Out…

When This Elite Group Is Fighting Terror – There Are No Rules Of The Game…

Woman On Top: A Woman’s Struggle To Find Herself After Losing Everything She Believed Was Important

My Kitchen Cure: How I Cooked My Way Out Of Chronic Autoimmune Disease And Prevented Cancer With Whole Foods And Healing Recipes by Mee Tracy McCormick

Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents: 7 Ways to Stop the Worry Cycle and Raise Courageous & Independent Children by Reid Wilson, PhD and Lynn Lyons, LICSW

In A World Of “Fast” – Does Anyone Have Patience To Wait On Anything?

In Cooking Your Way To Gorgeous, Scott-Vincent Borba Brings A Whole New Dimension To ‘You Are What You Eat’

X That Ex: Saying Goodbye and Staying Gone

Unraveling Charlie: By Understanding His Abuser This Victim Got Back The Power To Control His Own Life

In My Corner On The Moon: Helping Children Heal From Traumatic Experiences

Rules Don’t Apply When This Hero Is Pursuing Anyone Threatening His Country’s Freedom

Sibling Abuse Victim Speaks Out In Riveting Memoir: Nancy Kilgore’s is the lone (public) voice of sibling abuse

Isla Animals: Giving Stray Dogs A Second Chance At A Better Life

Powerful Alternative Rock Is The Mantra For Mustard

Ethical Wisdom For Friends: How to Navigate Life’s Most Complicated, Curious, and Common Relationship Dilemmas

The Money Noose: The Collapse Of MF Global Was No Accident

If We Can Turn Just One Mother’s Heart Toward God And Save An Unborn life, What Is That Worth?

Bridge To A Miracle And A Cry For Justice: Never Take Freedom For Granted Again

When The Saints Go Marching In: Have Fun While All Hell Breaks Loose

Angel Faces® : Unforgettable Stories And Beautiful Smiles

A Doctor’s Near-Death Experience Can Help Anyone Find A Second Chance At Life

Drawing On Technology To Find And Promote Top Talent From Around The World

Sareena Dominguez: Opening Her Musical Universe To The World

‘ReTake’ Is Testament That It’s Never Too Late To Get A Second Chance At Becoming A Superstar

KALM Talent Agency: Utilizing Today’s Technology To Find Tomorrow’s Superstars

Keeping The Peace At Family Gatherings: Sherri Evans Opens Houston Office Of KoonsFuller Family Law

Why So Many Team Performance Strategies Fail: Getting results is about more than getting along. Herrmann International looks at team thinking in a new light.

HOW TO BE LIKE JACKIE ROBINSON: Life Lessons from Baseball’s Greatest Hero by Pat Williams with Mike Sielski

The Resilient Woman: Unleash Your Personal Power By Challenging Girly Thoughts

You Can Beat Lung Cancer: Dr. Carl O. Helvie Still Living Well After Turning To Nontraditional Solutions

Behave Like A Leader And You Will Become A Leader! Applied Leadership’s Proven Results Show How

Focusing On Women’s Issues, Courage Portrays A Life of Reality Not Fantasy

A 24-Hour Bridge To Haiti...Suffering A Little To Help Those Who Suffer A Lot

Impeccable Connections: The Rise And Fall Of Richard Whitney – Stealing From Clients To Cover Debts. Sound Familiar?

Fire Your Shrink And Read This Book Instead Is Self-Help Based On Real Life Lessons

Bestselling Book Series is Guided by Angels

How To Beat The Odds From A Man Given 6 Months To Live−38 Years Ago!

Lose Yourself In Crazy Woman Creek

Dust Devil Brings Tears To Your Eyes And Love To Your Heart

In The Workplace: Better Results By Better Thinking

Living In A Sea Of Addictions: Right Now Enough Is Enough!

For Lasting, True Love, We All Need To Learn The Lesson

Girl In The Water: A True Story of Sibling Abuse Sheds Light On A Difficult Topic

Love And Terror In The Middle East Promotes Grassroots Support For Peace

Surrounded By Thunder−The Story Of Unsung Heroes Who Made Space Travel Possible

What’s On God’s Sin List For Today? Understanding Biblical Commands In Today’s World

Redefine Your Life In 7 Steps!

LaDonna Gatlin Swapped Touring With Her Famous Brothers For A Life Of Inspiring Others

A Cry For Justice: The True Story Of A Mother’s Journey Of Fear, Anger, Love And Triumph

The Resilient Woman: Challenging Those Girly Thoughts and Accessing Your Personal Power

Get Caught In The Crossfire! Sylvia Day’s Crossfire Series Sells Over Five Million Books In 2012!

Why Behavior-Based Sales Training Comes Up Short: Thinking Approach Gets to the Root of Selling and Buying Decisions

Addictions: Right Now Enough Is Enough! Provides The Tools To Change The Outcome

Baby Boomers See Themselves In Southern Vapors

Acclaimed Author Addresses Controversial ‘Stand Your Ground Law’ in A Cry For Justice

Prominent Surgeon Barely Escapes Electrocution While Performing Surgery

The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook: Simple Steps To A Healthier, More Sculpted Body

A Song For Bijou: The Fight for True Love In A Multicultural Society

Coincidence Is God’s Way of Remaining Anonymous: When Meaningful Events Coincide

You Can Beat Lung Cancer - Don’t Let It Be A Death Sentence

Gangster Redemption: A Powerful Story That Is Saving Young Lives

Dallas TV Station Offers All-Star TV News For Baby Boomers

The Sin Warriors: Bringing A Dark, Dangerous Era To Life

Joyful Manifestation: A Life Of Happiness And Abundance Is Within Your Grasp

Ever More Complex Telecom And Technology Needs Demand The Expertise Of Teligistics

Health Is A Choice: Get Equipped With The Tools To Make The Right Choices

Prominent Surgeon Barely Escapes Electrocution While Performing Surgery

THE GERM FREAK’S GUIDE TO OUTWITTING COLDS AND FLU: Guerilla Tactics to Keep Yourself Healthy at Home, at Work and in the World

Healthy Initiative: Transforming The Nation’s Health One City At A Time

A Rare Look At PTSD Through A Child’s Eyes: Healing From Trauma

Crowd Control Takes Humor To A Whole New Level

The Dead Celebrity Cookbook – Bringing Oscar Favorites To Your Very Own Party

Right Now Enough Is Enough! – The Answer To Kicking Addictions

The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook: 125+ Plant-Based Vegan Recipes for a Fit, Happy, Healthy You

Southern Vapors: A True Story Of Silver Spoon To Straitjacket – And Back!

Gangster Redemption: Showing Teens That A Life of Crime Is No Life At All

Love And Terror – A Potent Mix

The Bane Of Yoto: A Transmedia Experience Into A World of Cosmic Drama

A Cry For Justice: A Movie Based On A True Story Of Tragedy And Triumph

Teligistics Is Like The ‘Hired Gun’ Of Telecom Deals For Top Global Enterprises

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